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    It is said Bishop Nicholas died on 6 December 343. The Catholic Church canonized him years later, and became the patron saint of children and Alicia Keys The World Tour 2022 T Shirt, and was associated with gift-giving. He became a popular saint by Roman Catholics, Orthodox Catholics, and even Protestants in Holland and other European countries in the 1500s. The Propagation of The Myth The Dutch had a special place in their hearts for St. Nicholas whom they called Sint Nikolaas or Sinterklass (a nickname or shortened term for Sint Nikolaas). They celebrated December 6 as the feast day of St. Nicholas. Dutch children are encouraged by their parents to put out their shoes with carrots or apples or nuts or sweets inside the night before December 6 for Sinterklaas’ white horse with the hope they would be exchanged for gifts of sorts. The children would get the surprise of their life when they discovered gifts inside their shoes in the morning.

    Alicia Keys The World Tour 2022 T Shirt(Alicia Keys The World Tour 2022 T Shirt)

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