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    Does rocks float on lava shirt

    Answer is simple. Poland as well as Ukraine had tasted “loving and brotherly” embrace of Russia(or its previous incarnations), knows how devious, brutal and Does rocks float on lava shirt merciless Russia is in its methodology. Poland has 4 documents that assured its safety and guaranteed that USSR won’t attack it. Did it help? Nope, USSR gladly ignored these 4 agreements and shared Poland with Nazi Germany. Same about Russia.Few agreements with Ukraine on ”Good neighborhood”, Budapest memorandum etc. Did these documents stop Russia from occupying Crimea and warmongering on Donbass? Nope. I am currently from France. I have a little sense of supporting for Ukraine and opposing Russia. Unlike the Western Europeans who mostly begin to give up or accepting Russian administration in Crimea and the legal rights of those rebels, the Nordic peoples see this don’t exist and still consider Russians are invaders and illegal occupiers in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

    Does rocks float on lava shirt(Does rocks float on lava shirt)

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