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    June is when the first shipment of Joe Biden 4th Of Cinco De Mayo T shirt and ribbon arrives. It is also warehouse clean out month. There are hundreds of warehouses for supplies and completed toys that need cleaned out and dusted. July is when the list is begun. Santa begins making the master list for that year. August is when cookie baking for the season begins. It is also when the food supplies for the coming winter are ordered. Everything from pantry items to elf beer(kinda like root beer) must be inventoried, to see what needs to be reordered and at what amount. September is the most dangerous month at the Pole. At about the 7th of Sept each year starts the reindeer RUT. Hundreds of elves get hurt each year because of overly aggressive reindeer bucks. Yeah breeding season! But it is important to keep the male FR(flying reindeer) away from the natural wild NFR (non flying reindeer) or else the new babies next spring would give away the exact location of the pole and elf village. October is when Santa and Mrs. Clause begin to decorate for the holidays. There is no time for that after the 1st of Nov. November the first letters arrive! This is also when Santa must have the 1st check of the list done by. 2D check is due before the end of the month. Reindeer test flights begin and try outs for the team. December is crunch time! Santa is required to attend as many party invites and appearances as possible, hence the need for helpers. He also must finalize navigation and weather prediction models for Christmas eve. And of coarse there is Christmas eve deliveries.

    Joe Biden 4th Of Cinco De Mayo T shirt(Joe Biden 4th Of Cinco De Mayo T shirt)

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