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    Let’s Go Biking US Flag T Shirt

    It was long before he was known for such a Let’s Go Biking US Flag T Shirt and diverse singer. Not everyone comes from the womb am A List vocalist and Geoff was no exception. Chris Cornell, Andy Wood, Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain were all extremely nice guys that were so supportive of anyone with a dream. If caught at the right time, would gladly sit and talk with you for hours. Of course that changed the more famous they became. A young kid by the name of Adam Brenner was usually around quite a bit. He was the local guitar hotshot, an Eddie Van Halen clone if you will. It is well documented of his audition with Kiss when he was a very young 16 years old. Very cool! He went on to become Adam Bomb. He toured Europe and lived the dream fro years. His book is due to be released if not already.

    Let’s Go Biking US Flag T Shirt(Let’s Go Biking US Flag T Shirt)

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