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    Wrestling Chicago carry on shirt

    The Wrestling Chicago carry on shirt were not very impressive on first sight. Old buildings, dusty rooms, dirty walls and corridors, old non functional washing machines and geysers and to add to all that “monkey menace”. “A lot can happen over a coffee. But a lot more can happen over a beer”. It wouldn’t take much time for a person to find out that a lot of seniors actually believed in the latter. On the whole, the hostels were not so great. Probably one wouldn’t have expected these type of hostels at IITM, which boasts of world class infrastructure. (Those were my opinions on Day1. If you ask me now, I would tell that these hostels are probably one of the best places to live on in the entire earth). After some cycling trip around the campus and some bad mess food, I wanted to call it a day. But then some seniors came to my room and called me to have some friendly interactions (I am not sure what “friendly interactions” mean. Just because everyone is using this word, I decided to use the same). Life is not always about what you want to do. It is more about what others want you to do. Especially if you are a freshie, it is mostly about what the seniors want you to do.

    Wrestling Chicago carry on shirt(Wrestling Chicago carry on shirt)

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